SACHA field sharpening kit



The SACHA field sharpening kit is the perfect tool kit for the maintenance of any knife. It serves as well at home as it does in the field. A sharp knife is a safe knife and any knife will dull eventually.


The manual included is an excellent way to learn how to sharpen. Even the seasoned sharpener will learn something from the widsom of Mors Kochanski.


Remember that you are only as sharp as your knife…



The SACHA field sharpening kit contents

  • 325/750 grit double-sided diamond sharpening stone (4×1.25″)
  • portable leather strop with wood backing
  • small puck of green chrome oxide polishing compound (for use with the strop)
  • the definitive guide to sharpening by the legendary Mors Kochanski himself.



How to tell if you knife needs sharpening

If you think your knife is getting dull, look down the cutting edge in the sun and see if you can reflect light off the very edge. If you see any spots that shimmer in the light, you probably have a burr. A burr is an inconsistency in the edge. This is what makes a knife dull.


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