boss instructor logoI make Wilderness Living Tools.

My name is Jeremy Thomas and I’ve been fabricating heirloom quality knives since 2008. I work as a Senior Instructor at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Boulder, Utah. For four months of the year I’m either out on field courses or living in my canvas tent at BOSS. For the remaining eight months I fabricate knives in Portland, Oregon.

My wilderness living skills studies have taken me from the Amazon to Australian Bush and the the Boreal forest. I’ve studied under Mors Kochanski, a legend in the field of Wilderness Living. These knives meet his simple criteria of a good bush knife– a pry-bar that shaves wood really well.

These knives are constantly tested in the field by myself and my fellow instructors at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School. We run field courses for up to 28-days with spartan equipment. “The more you know, the less you carry” is our mantra. What you do carry becomes critically important. My knife design and construction form what I consider to be the ideal wilderness living tool. This is something I can depend upon and maintain easily while in the field.

The puukko design is a product of a deep respect for the legacy of Finnish woodcarving culture and a desire to craft a wilderness living tool that is as elegant as it is functional.

Sacha is a Quechua word I learned while working as a guide in the Upper Amazon of Ecuador. The native Sani Quechua taught me many things, including elements of their colorful language. As an adjective, it means “of the woods or jungle.”  As a noun, it means forest or jungle.

SACHA Knives: Wilderness Living Tools

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